5 ways to keep your new hires happy

Are your employees happy?

job-loveThe Gallup polls indicate that over 70% of the American workforce is not engaged in their existing jobs. Disengagement is a direct effect of under appreciation, unrealistic expectations, poor management, and work place dysfunction that is not addressed in a timely fashion. Employees do not typically change or leave a great environment, especially if they feel connected to the company.

  Here are 5 ways to keep your new hires and seasoned employees happy: 1. Opportunity: Employees want to feel like they have opportunity to grow inside a company. Clearly articulating open advancement opportunities, and helping employees reach for those opportunities are signs that the company cares about the employee’s personal growth. When an employee advance as the company continues to expand, then they feel like they have “skin-in-game”. The employee feels like they have the ability to grow with the company.   2. Employee Recognition: When company leaders provide recognition to their employees, then that shows the employees are appreciated. It is proven the most important component in employee retention is not pay raises but simple appreciation. Take time each day to compliment coworkers, and employees. A little praise can go a long way.   3. Smiling is Safe: Often times, due to deadlines, and other corporate stressors, management leaders can forget to SMILE. Smiling in the work environment shows that the work environment is safe, and that everything within the company is doing great. When employees do not see their management team SMILE, employees think that something is wrong. SMILING at work, increases productivity.   4. Mentorship Reinforcement: Is your company fostering an environment that encourages mentorship? Mentorship at all ranks of the company is very important. Mentorship empowers employees to help train another, while also incorporating safety. When you ask your employees to help one another, you are also saying that you believe in them. Employees engaging in mentoring are also caring in the outcome of company.   5. Motivational Training: Are you investing in new resources to help educate your employees? Investment means you want to help your employees improve in their daily outcome. An employer, who brings new resources to the table like motivational training, means you actually care about your employees, and you want to help them develop personally.   Employee investment ultimately means more productivity, less turnover, and a happy workplace environment for all. Your employees become the All-Star team that not only takes the field, but also takes the ball down the field for a successful bottom line.   Athletic mindset bubbleAbout The Athletic Mindset  – Although we won’t teach you how to throw a pitch in baseball, put top spin in your tennis or break 100 in golf, we DO enhance your business, your personal life, and everywhere else you want to raise the bar using Athletic Mindset Coaching, Training Workshops & Keynotes. We help employees feel better about themselves, encourage mentorship, and incorporate employee engagement into your corporate culture.    

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