5 Winning Business Tips from the Football Field

On the ROAD to a SUPER Bowl of SUCCESS!

It’s game time for football fans, so let’s bring WINNING into the workplace! CEO’s do it, Presidents do it, board members do it too! The “do it” is having a game plan in place before you get on the field. Here are (5) athletic mindset tips from the football field,  to achieve a winning attitude of success. 1. COMMUNICATE THE RULES OF THE GAME:  Do all of your employees CLEARLY understand the rules (and corporate culture) of your company? Clear SOP’s, policies, and open process flow management, helps everyone know how to play the game more effectively. Communication is the key to getting the right people, playing the right position, to score winning goals. 2. LEADERS NEED TO BE COACHES: Everyone wants their leader, to be a great leader. What separates YOU from being just a good leader, into a great Leader, is how well you coach your teams to a ‘WINNING’ MINDSET. Don’t just cheer them on, coach them to ‘WIN’. Celebrate small ‘WINS’ along the way, as well as the BIG win. Field goals often win the game, so make sure you encourage first down accomplishments. 3. PASSION FOR THE GAME: Winning football coaches MOTIVATE their players PASSION for the game before taking the field.  Allow your employees to express their creative passion. Some of the biggest breakthroughs for companies occur through an open exchange of ideas. Acknowledge those employees who go the extra mile, and who bring game winning ideas to the table. 4. TRUE TEAMWORK: Everyone on your team plays a key role in moving the football down the field. Your Quarterback is only as good as the offensive line protecting him. Make sure your front line knows how important they are to the company’s BOTTOM-LINE SUCCESS. Remember your silent employees who are behind the scenes making it happen. Give “atta boys” to everyone on your team. 5. MENTOR THEM TO BE WINNERS: Give knowledge openly to help others grow in the company. Hoarding the ball never wins the game, in football or in your company. Share your knowledge with everyone and take time to MENTOR all of your employees to achieve company goals. Play as a team, WIN as a team, HELP others win as a team!   Like the great Vince Lombardi quote states, “Individual commitment to a group effort. That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”  Use these (5) tips to lead your team to greater success. Communicate, Lead, Passion, Teamwork and Mentorship all play a part in building a winning team. You can start today!  
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