7 Thank You’s Create a Shift in Energy

What is a “shift” in energy?

When you change your thoughts, you change your emotions. Emotions are made of energy, good and not so good. Starting right now you can create a shift your energy by changing your thoughts, passing them on and shifting your energy AND someone elses. It’s not a Secret that saying “Thank You” is a powerful and proper response when someone did something for you, or gave you a compliment. When you want to improve your day (and someone elses days) in an instant, Smile… Then say and feel “Thank you” seven times in a row.

Thank you,Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Thank you for making your day and all those you touch today, that much better. May the Athletic Mindset be with you!  

Athletic mindset bubble

About The Athletic Mindset  – Although we won’t teach you how to throw a pitch in baseball, put top spin in your tennis or break 100 in golf, we DO enhance your business, your personal life, and everywhere else you want to raise the bar using Athletic Mindset Coaching, Training Workshops & Keynotes. We help employees feel better about themselves, encourage mentorship, and incorporate employee engagement into your corporate culture.

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