American Pharoah Makes Racing History

Race to the Finish Line

American Pharoah and jockey, Victor Espinosa crossed the Belmont finish line 5 lengths before their competitors. Over the last 37 years horse racing has been patiently waiting for the next grand champion. Disbelievers said it couldn’t be done again… American Pharoah proved them all wrong.

With only two (2) minutes to run the race of his life, American Pharoah left the gate from the number five position. The deafening cheers from the stands were not heard by this 2 ½ year old, as he had earplugs in to keep him focused on what he does best… race to the finish line.

Two Minutes of Glory

Whether on your dream job interview, swimming for the Gold in the Olympics, or running for the Triple Crown at Belmont, having the Athletic Mindset means training to win while blocking out distractions. Preparation is the foundation for all great success, be that only two minutes of glory.

From the time he was born, American Pharoah received love and mentorship from the trainers, stable-mates, and coaches. The owner, jockey, veterinarian, trainers, and even his stable-mate “Smokey” played a part in American Pharoah’s history in the making. They all believed this horse could be a winner, and American Pharoah’s proved them right in his two minutes of glory!

Make Your Mark

Do you have the passion to succeed in whatever it is you want to achieve? Preparation is the key to winning any race. Have the tools, preparation, blinders and earplugs that get you across the finish line. It is possible to run your race like American Pharoah, and make your own history!

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