Athletic Mindset and South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates come together thru Awareness!

Mind and Body Collaboration is a beautiful thing!

The Athletic Mindset sends Love and Gratitude to South Miami PT & Pilates for sharing the Awareness Ladder with their patients. We celebrate you and all you do to help others get healthy and stay healthy, in body and mind. We agree, “transform your body (with added awareness)… transform your life!”
South Miami PT and pilates I wanted to send out a letter of gratitude to all of our wonderful clients here at South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates. I am so THANKFUL to you for choosing us and for trusting us to help you overcome physical barriers and achieve your fitness goals. It has been so wonderful to watch your transformation! Can you even remember life before us? Remember for a moment how you felt before you got relief from your physical pain. You had all kinds of thoughts running around in your head and the lowest of emotions from fear to frustration to anger to sadness to hopelessness. We understand that when you have physical pain due to an acute injury or chronic pain condition, such as arthritis, tendonitis, nerve compression, etc. it may feel so scary to seek out help or try something new. And before you came to us you too were probably “trapped” in that initial fear of the unknown. Fear is something we aim to get rid of on the very first day by making our clients understand the true cause of their condition and how we can correct the imbalance that caused it. Here are some of the most common fear patterns we see when people come to us: FEAR of movement, FEAR of their condition worsening, FEAR that the doctor may say they need surgery, and finally, FEAR it won’t get any better at all FEAR of living the rest of their life with it! FEAR NO MORE! Our first mission when you come to see us is to turn your fear into HOPE and OPTIMISM, which will quickly turn into CONFIDENCE and HAPPINESS once the pain is gone and you are once again doing what you love to do! Our goal is for you to once again experience true PASSION for life, JOY, GRATITUDE AND LOVE so you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Emotional Energy Awareness ladder   **** Many of our clients have told us “You gave me my happiness back!” How do we do this? Simple! We help people transform their bodies and transform their lives by getting them out of pain miraculously fast and restoring movement, function, strength, endurance, and bringing their body back into balance! The best part is that we show everyone HOW TO KEEP THEIR BODY HEALTHY, BALANCED AND STRONG FOREVER MORE so the pain stays away! Check out the emotional ladder below to get a better understanding of your emotions and find out where you are…Is pain keeping you from living your best life??? IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO IS STUCK IN FEAR OR ANY OF THE LOWER EMOTIONS ON THIS LADDER DUE TO PAIN OR AN INJURY…THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO HELP THEM FIND THEIR WAY UP THE LADDER AND GET THEIR LIFE BACK. REFER THEM TO US, SOUTH MIAMI PHYSICAL THERAPY & PILATES AND WE WILL GET THEM OUT OF FEAR ON DAY 1 AND MOVE THEM UP THAT LADDER QUICKLY…THAT IS MY COMMITMENT TO YOU. WE ARE HAVING A FAMILY AND FRIENDS FREE DAY SATURDAY OCT 25 8:00AM-5:00PM SO YOUR FRIENDS CAN TRY US OUT FOR FREE! CALL 305-661-1612 TO RSVP *** FEEL FREE TO PRINT THIS LADDER OF EMOTIONS OUT AND SHARE WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE OR YOUR COWORKERS OR EMPLOYEES!! With Love and Light, Michele Gust, PT, PI, CEAS, CSCS, Owner South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates 7800 Red Road, Suite 201 South Miami, FL 33143 305-661-1612  

The Athletic Mindset is collaborating with South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates  to enlighten our clients thru education and awareness. As a massage therapist and personal trainer for many years, Randy Friedman understands the power of fitness, health and nutrition. We love the idea of bringing the body and mind together to help others live their best life!

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