Athletic Mindset motivational speaker

An athletic mindset way of thinking

I am currently the President of Six Points Media Group head quartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We produce high-end video productions for Patriot National Insurance Group and their clients on corporate training, company events, and commercials. I am also the co-author of the book, The Athletic Mindset – three tools for success. I know all about how athletes think because I have been an athlete my entire life. Having played and taught multiple sports for decades, it became apparent how to beat the mental game. Now I am passing it on to all that want that edge in everything they do. We are not born with beliefs, but we do give birth to them. Learning to apply The Athletic Mindset is not rocket science, yet it will open and potentially change the minds of everyone who is willing. Click here for more information: inspirational speech on Thumbtack

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