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Randy Friedman

(ISEI) Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach®

Learner | Achiever | Strategic | Self-assurance | Positivity
To help others, you’ve got to know yourself. As an ISEI Certified CoachISEI_EI_Seal w trademark, and an avid “Learner” discovering her “top 5 signature” strengths (above) thru StrengthsFinder, Randy continues to grow personally, professionally, and in being a better Coach and Trainer for others. 

Competing and teaching at the top level in racquetball, golf and bodybuilding, Randy learned how to mentally breakthrough barriers to achieve incredible goals at an early age. Later, as an LPGA teaching professional, she taught her students how to use an athletic mindset to play at a higher level. This became her “aha” that opened several big
corporate doors. This unique way of connecting with others caught the attention of many fortune 500 executives, who later hired Randy to bring this technique into their companies.

The athletic mindset concept was born. Randy took her physical talents to paper, publishing her first book Your Inner Swing: 7 Lessons in Golf and Life! Using her extensive knowledge and experience on the mental game of competing and winning, she toured the country as a motivational speaker – from country clubs to corporations, which including many Fortune 500 banking, insurance and financial institutions.

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As President of The Athletic Mindset, and co-author with Linda Webb of The Athletic Mindset – Three Tools for Success, Randy now educates and coaches, us ing a unique “give me the ball” attitude twist on corporate training and coaching. Her natural way of sharing powerful messages, like the mental attitude of gratitude, goes way beyond the sports arena and into everyday life.

Randy is all about health, wellness and fitness, maintains a clean diet (most of the time), and believes in smart nutrition. The Exfuze line of phytonutrients like Seven FocusGreenZilla and Exfuze Seven Classic are her favorites for staying focused, keeping hydrated in the gym, for tennis and for golf, and even helps with sleep. The body is only as effective as its recovery under stress and during sleep.

Linda Webb

Linda Webb will tell you she is not a professional athlete, but she fought like one! 

Linda Webb, born in Winter Haven, FL boxed her way through college on the “bar boxing” circuit (33-0, never lost a match), becoming a police officer after graduating.  Linda’s law enforcement days was as varied as working in the morals unit as an undercover prostitute, as well as in the narcotics unit and the selective enforcement unit, as well as working large undercover cases.
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She became a one of the first female police motorcyclists and dive rescue specialist as well as a white-collar crime detective. Later on, as a Master Police Academy Instructor, she taught ethics and professionalism to police cadets.

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Linda has dedicated over 30 years to fighting fraud globally, investigating thousands of cases involving organized crime rings, insurance fraud and even some with potential terrorist, which have been highlighted by several national investigative news media. She has been a highly sought-after fraud expert and speaker for many years. As President of Risk Integrity Management, LLC, she helps company’s bottom line by providing cost containment solutions for risk mitigation.

With over 30 years of  executive leadership and corporate success building profitable companies, Webb is a proven leader in the industry. She believes that true wealth is the knowledge and mentorship you give to others Webb has always brought diversity and inclusion training to every position she held. She believes that the sum of the whole is only as good as all the parts for which it is made up of. Identifying all the amazing attributes in every person you meet along your life’s journey enriches your own soul. As an accomplished speaker for over 20 years, conducting keynotes for corporate events, local, state and federal agencies, charity, business associations, and national conventions, she continues to engage audiences worldwide.


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CLICK – Learn to “Be the Ball!”