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Learning to Apply The Athletic Mindset

The power of YOUR story

#1 – Your flight from New York to California leaves at 6:00am tomorrow morning. The feeling of anxiety keeps you tossing and turning all night because you’ll fear you might miss your flight. You know this feeling well because you’ve heard often how you are always late, and you tell everyone else your fear, “I am always late and always have been.” That’s your story! #2 – You are playing in your golf club championship this weekend. You’ve played well all season, but there’s one problem; you’ve gone through 5 putters this season and none of them feel good. You manage to get the ball in hole, but you feel nervous and fearful with every putt. This fear has taken the fun out of being on the green, the place where you score. When asked how will you play this weekend? You say, “The putter is still not working.” That’s your story! Define your NEW story Your story is a temporary belief that you currently believe is true. It’s time to NOW realize the story you’ve been telling to yourself, people at work and even loved one’s at home is not what you want, but IS what you you’ve been getting. Sometimes, figuring out what you don’t want, gives you the “aha” to what you do want. That’s powerful!

Wellness for work and play, mind tools and techniques

Given the choice, would you rather be just getting by, or at the top of your game? Did you know that some of the best athletes in the world like Michael Jordan and even Mohamed Ali have used mental performance tools to help them be the best in what they do? You too can have coaching tools to get the athletic mindset for increased Wellness in whatever you do.

1) Move up your Energy

All thoughts are energy. Thoughts trigger feelings which trigger emotions. Emotions are gauges that tell us we feel good or bad. When we continuously feel good or bad about something, that energy is magnetized to attract more like energy. A powerful mind tool, positive expectation, involves becoming aware of thoughts and self talk. The Athletic Mindset ‘A’ Ladder© brings Awareness to thoughts, good and bad, and teach you how to quickly move up the ladder to feel instantly better.

2) Re-Charge your batteries

Have you ever had a difficulty falling asleep? Next time, play your favorite golf course in your mind. You may not make it to the back nine. Mental practice is a way of relaxing the mind. It is drilling or rehearsing your mind for an upcoming event. When done properly, the athlete feels like they are actually at the event, performing. Randy’s 10 minute power nap is used by many in the workplace and sports to effectively recharge refresh and revive mind power to a new level.

3) Visualize it Now

Visualizing is materializing. When we give the mind pictures of what we want, the body will act upon it and allow it to happen. This mental tool involves using the “movies of your mind” to mentally see, hear and feel what you want to happen in advance. Learning to “act as if” helps create the potent placebo effect into wellness beyond the workplace.

4) Hypnotize yourself and Stretch your mind

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls practiced daily self-hypnosis (that lead to 6 NBA Championships) to relax their mind before the game. Randy’s Mind Power Stretching® technique is a powerful tool to expand the mind-body connection. Releasing negative habits and the fear of competition, as well as getting into a zone-like state can all be facilitated through the use of self-hypnosis. Top athletes work on the mental game as much as the physical to perform better in competition, avoid choking, and learn how to stay focused for longer periods. Learn 7 Keys that unlock your Athletic Mindset
1.’B’ Chart leadership
2. Awareness: Un-block challenges
3. ‘B’ Calm
4. Fear-less tools
5. Goal-getting strategies
6. Break The law of attraction
7. Performance contract for Corporate & School accountability
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