Derrick Coleman is Living the Dream – From High School Obstacles to Super Bowl Opportunities
role model letterDerrick Coleman, NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks, didn’t let his inability to “hear” stop his dream of being a Professional football player. Derrick’s passion, drive and spirit to be a professional athlete, well surpassed any deficiencies he may have had. Not only has Derrick become a great role model for others to follow but he can now say he is heading to the 2014 Super Bowl playing for the Seattle Seahawks. In The Athletic Mindset, we talk a lot about overcoming obstacles. There are challenges, and hurdles to jump over in almost everything you do, climbing life’s ladder. Choosing to be the best is a choice and takes commitment. When you work smart, you work hard, and you see yourself overcoming the challenges in front of you… obstacles turn into opportunities. In Derrick Coleman’s latest video sponsored by Duracell Batteries, he inspires everyone to “trust their power” and go for the gold in whatever you choose to do. He is a huge inspiration and role model for children who also have challenges like he’s had to face. His passion for football and inner drive to never give up, helped him succeed and become a mentor that has inspired others. Whether you are a professional athlete, heading to college, looking to boost your career, it is important to “trust your power” and don’t let anyone take you off the path. Never give up, and go for your own finish line in everything you do in life.     Athletic mindset bubble About The Athletic Mindset  – Although we won’t teach you how to throw a pitch in baseball, put top spin in your tennis or break 100 in golf, we DO enhance your business, your personal life, and everywhere else you want to raise the bar using Athletic Mindset Coaching, Training Workshops & Keynotes. We help employees feel better about themselves, encourage mentorship, and incorporate employee engagement into your corporate culture.

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