Embracing Change

When you fear losing, you will usually lose.

In The Athletic Mindset – Three tools for success we talk about role models a lot. Our role models help shape our Beliefs. They don’t create our beliefs, they only help to shape them. It’s up to you to choose what thoughts you want to keep thinking and what thoughts you want to change. If you want to start winning, you must release the thought of losing. When you get to the end of the path you were walking, do you think, “that’s it, I have nowhere else to go so I might as well just QUIT!” Is that way of thinking helping you really get what you want and where you want to go? We don’t think so. Maybe it’s time to start something different. The Athletic Mindset suggests looking into your BAG. That BAG is all the “stuff” that you have been carrying around since you were born. That “stuff” you picked up somewhere, from someone or something you saw. So how do you start to think differently and move in a different direction? This Beliefs Chart we created is the ‘B’ in your BAG. It’s about knowing what you don’t know, figuring out what you do want, and surrounding yourself with people that will help you rather than hinder your path. Remember… Embrace change and you’ll embrace opportunities. We don’t have Problems in life, we have wonderful Challenges. Life is a challenge. The Athletic Mindset says, “Enjoy your challenges!”

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