FREE Holiday Gift – Mentor and Role Model

Imagine giving to those who need love and support on your holiday list, the gift to be a better mentor or role model. Can you only imagine what that would do to the world around us? WOW… it would be a magnitude of gratitude! What a special gift the world would receive if we all did just one of these things for someone else:
  1. Be more respectful and gracious to others
  2. Show more gratitude and appreciation
  3. Lead others by your good example
  4. Help others in need
Step it up… beyond the holidays Better yet, what if you even made that your New Year’s Resolution? Over time this could become your standard of living. The “athletic mindset” book and training encourages this for daily a practice. And no, you don’t have to be an athlete to have the athletic mindset. You just have to think like one! [Hint: Ask for the ballJ] More than any other time of year, the holiday season is when most people want to do the right thing. Why not carry that thought throughout the year? We invite you to be a better role model and mentor as your “holiday gift to others.” This holiday gift costs nothing. Just start with some simple steps:
  • Be gracious and humble to others, even in trying times.
  • Think before your re-act. Reflect upon those actions when engaging others.
  • Think with an athletic mindset – be a better mentor and role model for others.
Why take time for others? Someone said the other day, “Linda, you seem to take more time with your employee’s than most, teaching thru stories”. My response was simply, “Stories help us recognize a lesson in our own way, rather just saying do it because I said so. As a mentor, leader, and role model, I hope to help others become a better mentor not only for themselves but for others as well.” Even when times may be rough, the holiday spirit lives within all of us. These are simply called “acts of kindness”. As the holiday seasons rolls into full swing we encourage our readers to share their “act of kindness” on our blog. For those of you who read these stories we hope it inspires you to increase gratitude, create daily inspirations, and act on an “act of kindness” today! As we motivationally speak, lead and mentor others to be better role models, we encourage this as a daily practice. The “athletic mindset” model incorporates this practice in one’s daily routine. Share this with others and help give the gift to someone else this holiday season and all year long. ‘Tis the season to be jolly! This free gift will make a difference with everyone you touch. Warm holiday wishes,
Linda and Randy
The Athletic Mindset Coaches

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