How is Your Timing?

Three (3) Tools For Success

The Athletic Mindset Philosophy uses three simple yet powerul tools that every organization can gain great benefit from.

Tool #1 – The Beliefs Chart

Taken from Maslow’s four levels of learning, we developed a comprehensive communication platform. Imagine a heightened talk-track just by incorporating Tool #1, the Beliefs Chart. Communication always improves using Tool 1.

Tool #2 The Awareness Ladder

We incorporated the Law of Attraction principles into every day Awareness. You are sure to get an Aha! using our Tool #2, the Awareness Ladder. Thoughts become emotions. Motivation is always improved with Awareness of wanting the ball. They will want the ball after learning this!

Tool #3 The Gratitude Coin

What ties it all together better than Gratitude? Gratitude is the power behind everything good in the past, here in the present, and all that is coming to you. We love our Tool #3, the Gratitude Coin and we know you will too. What does every athlete do after winning his or her big event? They give thanks to those that supported them. We know you will flip over the Gratitude coin!

How it's Utilized

Organizations are using the Athletic Mindset Training to:

  • Go for the Gold, turning potential clients into raving customers Communicate the company culture so employees love being on the team
  • Inspire Managers to be more effective leaders through our Train the Trainer programs
  • Improve teamwork and build company-wide trust
We offer many Athletic Mindset products and services to fulfill your distinctive needs.