How one Role model can change your Life

This role model changed my Life

It’s rare when one individual effects us to the point of wanting to be a better person, or take a completely new direction, or do something we’ve only dreamt about doing, but didn’t know how to do.

While on a business trip in Salt Lake City, I met that person. Her name is Paula Fellingham. We hit it off immediately and knew we were destined to meet. She proudly told me she was the mother of seven, grandmother to 18, and married for over 40 years. Her devotion to family and faith was beyond anything I had ever witnessed. We talked about our legacies and how we both wanted to make a difference. Paula helped me with a valuable lesson… to remain committed in my passion of fighting Fraud. Even if it meant personal risk and continued ridicule from naysayers, she said, “Linda, stay steadfast. Be patient and persistent.” Having her support could INDEED help me make a difference. Paula’s legacy as the CEO of The Women’s Information Network, is to build a global network for women around the world. Her leadership is now uniting women in over 176 countries. She is doing what no other woman or women’s organization in our history has ever done. She indeed has The Athletic Mindset attitude...

“I may not catch the ball. But if that ball means it will help women around the world, then INDEED, throw me the ball… I want the ball!”


The role model lesson

In The Athletic Mindset, we talk about role models a lot. They can appear at any moment in our lives. Become aware of the role models in your life, and remain open to the possibility of new ones that cross your path.  When an un-expectant positive role model shows up, pay attention. They just may help you find your own legacy.
 “When you start to look, you will begin to see.”


  1. Thank you, sweet friends, for your generous kindness; I am honored to be your friend. You are, indeed, the ultimate examples of the Athletic Mindset. I am immensely proud of you for the magnificent work you are doing worldwide. May you continue to be blessed in your efforts to fight fraud and protect families around the globe.

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