How role models affect our lives

Role Models, Good or Bad, Affect Your Life

 As mentioned in The Athletic Mindset book, when you are born you start your life with an empty BAG, (Beliefs, Awareness, Gratitude). This BAG starts to fill up as you interact with your family, friends, peers, teachers, etc. You learn from others, gaining life’s experiences along the way, and expanding your knowledge base, which fills your BAG of LIFE.  This BAG that you build is yours to see as you see fit.

Your BAG is Your Story!

Great roles models help fill your BAG with great things, while poor role models punch holes in your BAG, and sometimes even leave you with emotional scars. In The Athletic Mindset we teach you the importance of aligning yourself with good role models, while steering away from bad ones. Good roles models are always supportive, filling your BAG with love, appreciation, kindness, gratitude, and happiness. Not-so-good role models can do just the opposite, making you feel unappreciated, angry, and sad. He created a charity to help left-behind young boys, only to find out many years later this charity was used for his personal satisfaction. This horrible role model used his over-powering manipulative influence that left many children with a lifetime of emotional scars.

Here’s a great Lesson:

If you come across bad role models, find someone positive in your life to talk to. It’s important to recognize and become aware of your feelings. If you are being inflicted with emotional or physical pain, feeling anger about a situation, then it is important to reach out to someone else and tell them. Never be afraid to SPEAK OUT. By taking the initiative to SPEAK OUT, you may just save someone else from experiencing a horrific role model, like Sandusky. “You too can be a great role model, build a better BAG for yourself, while also helping others.” Want to find out more about how the Athletic Mindset can help you? Click here for more information.

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