I was the last kid picked for the team

Great lessons sitting on the Bench

The Athletic Mindset Book is not about having great physical ability. In fact you really don’t have to be good at any sport, or even interested in sports.  You don’t have to join a sports team, or even watch sports on TV. But if you’re passionate about something, wouldn’t you want to achieve great success in it? Co-author Randy Friedman was blessed to have great role models and physical ability. She developed her athletic mindset through the support of great parents, family, and friends. For me (Linda Webb), I didn’t have the best role models and I didn’t have the body to be a star athletic. I was typically the last kid picked on any team. Kids judged me on my physical appearance, and truth be told,  I did run slower than a turtle. Kids my age thought these outward appearances were a true product of what I was capable of achieving. The sport teams I did try out for and get selected to, were often due to a shortage of people trying out. So sitting on the bench became my way of life growing up as a teenager.

It’s a good thing I didn’t sit on the bench watching life go by.

As a kid I could have taken opposite paths. I could have been angry for never being picked to play and ridiculed by the endless jokes in the playground, or I could choose to be happy. I realized my emotions were mine to control. And for you, the emotion you choose whether it is happy, sad, angry, or loving, simply put…is yours. Even when I made the team, sitting on the bench didn’t matter as I loved cheering for others. If we won, or lost it didn’t change my attitude along the way. I was simply grateful to be a part of the team. That was my choice.

Having The Athletic Mindset is about CHOICES

Like in the Athletic Mindset book, we talk about having a choice. You have a choice in everything you do in life. The CHOICES you make can often times determine your outcome of success or failure. It is really about your own personal ATTITUDE. You can choose to have a bad attitude or choose to have a good one. The choice is yours and yours alone. Be the true COACH INYOU! “Make better choices for better outcomes!” Don’t allow peer pressure, and poor role models make you do something you don’t want to do. Choose wisely, and coach yourself. Better choices will always help you succeed. Learn how to apply The Athletic Mindset to help coach you to making better choices. ~ Linda Webb 

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