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Radio Interview – July 18, 2012

 on Issues Today with Bob Gourley.
“Issues Today” defines the important topics of the day. Since 1998, host Bob Gourley has been discussing issues that affect all of us. The fast-paced half hour chronicles topical subjects. From health to the economy, Gourley interviews leading experts in their field.



Radio Interview – July 10, 2012

on Something You Should Know

Mike Carruthers is the creator and host of Something You Should Know interviewed Randy about “Thinking Like An Athlete To Achieve Your Goals. “Mike Carruthers:
If you approach your goals the way an athlete does the results can be amazing.
Randy Friedman:
Every great athlete lives for the ball, they want the ball, they want to go for the goal line – they want to score. We all have that inside of us be just tap into it differently.Read more…


Radio Interview – June 29, 2012

 on The Piece of Mind radio show

Learn how to apply The Athletic Mindset tools when you are:
  • Looking for a job
  • Working  with kids as a parent, teacher or coach
  • Dealing with everyday challenges of life

The Piece of Mind goal is to provide information and tools, to help empower our listeners to become savvy healthcare consumers.

Radio Interview – June 6, 2012

on The Rhett Palmer Show

TV10 Live is inclusive to all citizens with something to offer, a fact that Palmer takes great pride in. ” Everyone is welcome on my shows, from the average working person to celebrities, you all have a voice.”

Rhett and Randy discuss word association.

  • Why is the word “problem” such a problem for most people, while challenges are over-come every day by many others?
  • How does the batter strike out more times than he gets on base, yet he’s always ready for that NEXT pitch?

Listen to this interview and find out!

Radio Interview – June 4, 2012

on The Jiggy Jaguar Show

Jiggy asks Randy questions like:

  • “How did you and Linda get together to write The Athletic Mindset – Three tools for success?”
  • “What will the reader take away from this book?”
  • “How does one your tools, the Gratitude Coin work?”
  • “Why should folks buy this book?”
Overview: Jiggy Jaguar comes to from the past years with being ranked at one point the #1 talk jock on the internet.

The Athletic Mindset

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