5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “Genius!”

The Athletic Mindset gives three tools a person needs to achieve success. It’s about getting your mind in shape with the same attitude a successful athlete has, having a positive outlook, believing in yourself, setting goals and never giving up while striving to attain those goals. It is filled with amusing antidotes & cartoons, motivating quotes and useful tips that people of all ages can benefit from.

I am a spin teacher so this book is useful for coaching and motivating my cycle students to work harder. But I am also a third grade teacher. Third grade can be tough for students, the curriculum becomes more advanced and students really need to know how to work hard and learn from mistakes or failures.

I love the “B Chart”. There is a big push in education for students to be self-aware and self assess their own learning. The “B Chart” is very useful for this. I think The Athletic Mindset will give my students the motivation they need to build a “powerful BAG” that contains the three tools they will use throughout life. This book will help anyone (adults and children) become healthier in mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend this fun, informative and thought provoking read that will quickly change your mindset.  ~By Moe JUPITER, FL, US

 5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “We couldn’t have done this without you.”

Randy and Linda,
Thank you so much for being one of our literary guests of honor at the Broward Public Library Foundation’s Literary Feast 2013. We’re grateful that you agreed to give so generously of your time to talk about your book and its strong “mindset” message.

With your help and that of our sponsors and guests, we expect to raise approximately $170,000 in vital unrestricted funds for literacy programs for children and adults and computer instruction classes throughout Broward County Library, the ninth largest library system in the United States. We couldn’t have done this without you. ~Dorothy Klein, Executive Director, Broward Public Library Foundation


 5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “Absa-Smurfly Wonderful…a great read and find!!!!”

I find the Athletic Mindset initially to be a great read and absolute must for all young athletes. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for nearly 20 years, I find a few of the successful principles I stood for and stand for in this book very refreshing. I also find many more great principles so important in teaching leadership in today’s society. I would move any day to have “Athletic Mindset – Three Tools for Success” as one of the official educational curriculums used within the educational system.  ~GQ Haze Director of Nutrition & Wellness Patriot National Insurance Group


5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “A Sporting Chance at Improvement”

I found this book fascinating and love the Athletic Mindset Contract on Page 122: “You are not born with you, but you indeed gave birth to it. You cannot purchase it, but you must buy into it.” Linda and Randy then write: “Your life story begins now, and this contract will be your guide. “Simple lessons from a book that lays down strong tenets for living successfully, many self-help books make things soooo complicated, but very often life can be boiled down to basic tenets. The Athletic Mindset does that, good work Linda and Randy!! ~Brad Butler  (Hollywood, California)


5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “Pack your BAGS next stop success!”

As the authors share you don’t simply fall into success. It takes hard work, dedication, and a clear understanding of expectations. Those successful business leaders understand that not every venture they take or explore will payoff, but they also understand the importance to keep swinging. Yes you can always give up, but the Athletic Mindset teaches one to push through roadblocks and climb on top of those obstacles and use them to jump even higher. Thanks Randy and Linda great read, and one I have put in front of my kids as a playbook for their future success.   ~Mike Marks, Bristol West


5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “Great Inspiration!” 
The Athletic Mindset acts as that catalyst into not only revitalizing our ambitions in life but inspires us to follow through with perseverance – to not give up. The system has strong moving parts to it, but the philosophy is clear, legit and to the point. Great read to wake yourself up and go! ~ By  Nick Sears



5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “Motivation 101…Excellent!!!” 

The Athletic Mindset is an excellent motivator and a great conversation starter. It drives you want to tell others about what you just read and most importantly what you just learned. As a prior coach this is an excellent tool to assist not only in the business world, but also on the field. Keep going ladies I can’t wait to see what you offer us next!! ~By Toni L. Gott


5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “Motivating!” 

The Athletic Mindset gave me some positive approaches in mapping out my journey toward success. Even if you feel totally motivated and feel you’re on the right path toward your goals, the information in this book will strengthen and further empower you to face and overcome the obstacles we all encounter now and again. Worth the read! ~ By MParnell


5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “A MUST Read!”

When I set out to read “The Athletic Mindset: Three Tools For Success” I wasn’t having the best of days. My negative attitude quickly turned around after just one page! This book is a good reminder of all the things we have to be grateful for and that you have control over your own success. YOU GOT IT!  ~By Jessica


5 stars for The Athletic Mindset “Athletic Mindset Inspired Me to Be My Best”

I just finished reading “The Athletic Mindset” and I was totally inspired to be my best. I’m not an athlete but the women who wrote this book pointed out to me that “you don’t have to be an athlete, to think like an athlete.”

I learned that if you can stay focused, disciplined and positive you can achieve your dreams.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a success in life…in business, school, looking for a job or just succeeding in life. I am now connecting with my “inner coach” thanks to “The Athletic Mindset.” Great motivational book that inspires and is very easy to read  ~By lainygreen