Keep Thinking Forward

“Keep thinking forward, keep moving forward!”

That’s what I heard two months ago when I met with my CEO. We meet every couple of weeks to catch up, talk about the numbers and look at how we can improve things. I usually have some out-of-the-box ideas as well that I’ll share with him. Two month ago I went in his office with my head hung low and nothing to share. Water cooler gossip can do that sometimes. Even the most positive of us can get sidelined when naysayers try to roadblock our efforts. When I shared my frustration with our CEO, the great leader that he exemplifies put his hand on my shoulder. He said, “Linda, you’re my Fraud Dog and I believe in you. Don’t let anyone keep you from accomplishing your dreams. I just want you to focus on one thing, keep moving forward. After all, isn’t that what you teach in your book, The Athletic Mindset?”  INDEED, I said. I am so grateful to have his leadership and positive reinforcement. He was right, but even as an author of a motivational book I too needed reminding. That’s what makes a great role model, someone who can pick you up when you are down. I went home that night, wrote those words out and taped them on my mirror next to where my ties hang. For the last two months, each and every day I say, “Today I move FORWARD.” I have accomplished more in that time, (when I thought moving any faster was not possible) than I thought I could. All because I changed the way I was thinking. What will you do to start thinking forward? I can guarantee the moment you start to think forward you will start to move forward in whatever you do! ~ Linda Webb

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