LA Fitness Spinning Doctor has the Athletic Mindset

Spin Doctor in the house!

Don Cameron is the famous Spinning instructor at LA Fitness in South Florida. He is so well liked that every one of his classes fill up to capacity! And let me tell you, this is no walk in the park. His class is a killer, and everyone that takes it,  loves it! Now you can ask Don his age  (as I did) but he won’t tell. “I like to keep people guessing.” Don may have snow white hair, and a head full of it, but he’s in better shape than most people half his age. “I teach 7 days a week just because I love it. It’s a hobby of mine, not what I do for work.” When Don and I talked after class we discussed how empowering Spinning is for all ages and all body types. He told me a few stories of how some people have tried every fad diet there is, but when they see the benefits of Spinning 3x a week, their fitness level explodes and the pounds come off. He even has Doctors take his class. As most of us know how important diet is, getting your heart rate up is the key to burning calories all day long. This is one class you burn a lot of calories! (That picture was taken after a 900+ calorie class.) So how does Spinning bring the Athletic Mindset way of thinking up a notch? Speaking from experience, I can tell you not every Spin instructor is a “Don.” Don is a true mental motivator! The music he puts together is well thought out that makes you want to push past the pain and work hard. He knows when to push you and when to give you a break. And he has a unique way of motivating to help you achieve your personal best. Why does he do it? “Simply because I love to make people feel good. I know after taking my class they are going to feel better than when they walked in!” When not Spinning Don owns a West Palm Beach franchise of Home Vestors, better known as “We Buy Ugly Houses.” One things for sure… He may buy ugly houses for a living, but he sells motivation to those who want to live a better life! Here’s to you Dr. Don. Thanks for making a difference!


  1. I agree with you on every word you said about Don the Man!!! Great classes I have taken over the years. Would love for Don to have his own spin club. The best spin instructor that I’ve ever taken.

    • I have been taking Don’s class for several years and agree with every word said. His positive attitude and constant energy motivate me every time. Don has inspired so many people to work to their potential, meet their fitness goals, and have fun doing so. One things for sure……you will never see Don without a smile!! Thanks Don for your dedication. You are loved!

  2. What a great article! I am always so impressed of how not one person walks out of his class not dripping of sweat. He is very inspiration…to all! Congrats Don!

  3. I have been taking Don’s class three days a week for three years now. Our class has grown to be very cohesive and we all work together to encourage each other and get in a great work out. His class is full of energy, has lots of verbal participation and we leave there feeling invigorated and exhausted. We love you our Silver Fox!

    Your faithful cyclepath,


  4. I agree with the previous blogger, Don Should have his own studio. But in the mean time he is a great movtivator and a great person as well. I am a fellow instructor and good friend to Don, he’s very special and that carries over into his classes and his students. There’s only a few instructors that touch people’s lives the way Don does, the gyms and fitness centers where he works don’t know how lucky they are to have him.

  5. Don’s classes are the best! When I first started about a year ago, it was the only thing that got me motivated enough to want to come back to! Love the music and his high energy! Give him one hour and you will burn more calories than any other activity! Almost a year later, and I’ve lost 25 lbs. Now I even have my husband spinning! Go Don Go! ;)

  6. I ve enjoyed a lot taking Don’s classes. Its a combination of a good work out and great spirit. Would be great,if he moved to Miami area :-)Miss these classes for sure..

  7. I started Spinning with Don about a year ago. I tried other classes, but they pale in comparison to the high-energy and motivating workout Don doles out. He is truly a “Motivational Spinner” and an inspiration to all who take his class. His music, choreography, and personal attention to each one of us makes him truly special and keeps us coming back for more. Spin on, Dr Don!

  8. I loved taking Don’s classes over the years! I’ve recently moved and what I miss the most the most is attending :( his classes three days a week at LA FITNESS! He is motivating and a inspiration to all! I wish there were more spin instructors with his commitment, energy, and character!

  9. Ive known don for about 10 years now , I do take these spinclasses everyone raves about& find them quite empowering !! DON u will always SHINE wheatber ur spinning, flipping homes, or on the beach ! You’ve. Always wanted to excell to peak regardless of activity & that I find the most empowering & shows someone’s true charcitor to be so driven & always positive , taking PERSONAL intrest & pride in what u do & that keeps us all coming back: Michelle

  10. I’ve been working out for years and my routine consists of a variety of excersizes. Don spin class is most definetly at the top of my list. It is super energizing and a heck of a cardio/leg workout. If you do this class correctly and challenge yourself with his instructions throughout the class, there is no doubt you will drop weight and gain some awesome looking legs/butt and abs. Seriously folks, just do it, you won’t be disappointed. Don you’re the Man!!!

  11. Such a great article! Don really makes a point to get to know everyone that comes to his class, and offers individualized, enthusiastic encouragement. He maintains such an infectious level of energy! His class allows people to have fun and achieve their personal best at the same time. As a result, his classes always consist of a packed room of devoted followers and friends. Don makes spinning an incredibly positive experience and is everything you could ask for in an instructor!

  12. I am one of the doctors and the same age as Don.Have played squash for 10 yrs and spun with Don for 5yrs.Don is an excellent teacher and great motivator,has a wonderful selection of music and pushes the class to be the best we can be.The health benefits of spinning are numerous and Don ensures we spin to get the maximum out of every class.Only class I take where I have to leave work early to line up to get a spot.

  13. I know Don for over 7 years now since we took spin at Bally’s together. He definitely has come a long way. He has always been an awesome person but now he is the best spinning instructor!!! I love him. He motivates me to be a better athlete!! I even cheat my work to get out early to take his class. And believe me it is an awesome class to take!! You are hooked from the 1st time. Don puts a huge effort to remember everybody’s names and personalities. He is accommodating and knowledgeable!!

    Simly the best. Love him!!


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