Athletic Mindset Testimonials

Who recommends The Athletic Mindset Training…

Randy_workshop“I would definitely recommend this to for the mere fact that it would improve morale because it focuses on you fixing you and being more positive.  It would cut down on the “slammers” (people that like to put others down to make themselves feel better) and actually want pushes people to become more competent employees.” 

Yes, I strongly feel that the leaders in our department would benefit from attending this session. It lines up with the message we are trying to convey to our team members, which will positively impact our client’s experience.”

The athletic mindset really does apply to everything we do including sales.  These seemingly small recommendations can have huge impact.  I thought it was very worthwhile.”

“I already have. I discussed this only yesterday to another sales associate in the office. He missed yesterday’s training, and, when he asked if he should try to make it up I told him that the training would certainly be worth his time.

Absolutely! I feel that this was one of the most helpful trainings we have had. Sales is an emotional job, with many ups and downs. It is imperative to be able to have a positive ‘athletic mindset,’ in order to best handle every situation/challenge that you are presented with. Life is filled with conflict, both personally and professionally. You have two choices: let things negatively affect you or embrace it as a challenge and triumph from it.”

Barry Aaron, District Manager at Oasis Outsourcing

barry tam

“Randy has provided exceptional support in helping our team focus and attain performance goals. She challenges you by pushing yourself (and your team) past roadblocks and excuses. She is always positive and keeps me and my team focused on the prize, in a natural and sincere manner.

I am energized every time I connect with Randy. She encourages you to be bold, take chances, and achieve greatness, with a sense of gratitude. I would recommend Randy to anyone who is looking to achieve results beyond their imagination.”

Scott Leip, Professional Employer Consultant at Oasis Outsourcing

Scott Leip_athletic mindset book“I have been a sales professional/consultant l since 1993 and I have always been a solid performer, but have rarely made that “elite” status that we are all looking for as sales professional. I am also speaking about the “consistently elite”!! Month after month, quarter after quarter and year after year.

I have been working with Randy for some time now and my results have been outstanding. She has been amazing at helping me get through the rough spots while maintaining a constant focus on the company goals, my own professional goals, but my personal goals as well. 

As a former athlete (did I actually say “former”), I am so inspired by her inspiring ways and ATHLETIC MINDSET. Meeting Randy and working with her hasn’t just changed my performance, she has changed my life! 

I would not be where I am today at Oasis without her guidance. If you are not working with a mentor/coach, I would contact her ASAP. Reasonable rates, flexible meeting times. This is not only for the sales professional and consultant, but if you are running a team or company, and you are not working with Randy, well you are truly missing something special.” 

Sylvia Parker, District Sales Supervisor at Oasis Outsourcing

“If you haven’t read The Athletic MINDSET, by Randy Friedman, I highly recommend you
do. This is one of the only Sylviasales inspirational books I’ve read cover to cover. I’d started others and put it down thinking I already do that or I know that already. This book is different as it offers a different perspective on how to manage and balance your life both professionally and personally.

It’s light reading and entertaining…it literally puts you on task! Randy has made a huge difference for me as her approach is both sincere and genuine. She has surprised me many times over with her follow through and her eagerness to see me succeed even further! I enjoy working with her and encourage you to seek her guidance and coaching skills. Thank you Randy!! My experience with you has been great so far!”


Carlos Cardenas, Entrepreneur I Marketing I Sales I Human Resources I PEO Outsourcing

carlos cardenas“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Randy as a coach for myself and my sales team. Randy is an exceptional coach, who really takes the time to understand each team member and help understand how to become better at what where doing and how to take it to the next level. I really appreciate her feedback and ideas in helping us succeed as a team. 

I would highly recommend Randy to any individual who is looking at increasing their potential and becoming more successful in their career and in life.”


What were the main take-a-ways from The Athletic Mindset?

IMG_1111“Focus on me and what I can do to the best of my ability and less on others and what they think of me.” 

“Use of mirrors for final appearance checks. This concept goes far beyond checking to see if one’s teeth are free of broccoli! Our appearance is such an effective form of non-verbal communication that basically says to the person at the other end – ‘I care about myself and what I do.’ I take my career very seriously. I am a consultant. I am in charge. I’ve got this. You can depend on me to take care of you like I take care of myself. I am squared-away. Your company is safe in my hands – because I will take the kind of care of your company that I have taken with myself.”

“I was reminded just how powerful positive thinking, energy, the right mentors and words really are. Randy quoted, “What happened in the past you learned from; what’s in front of you, you go after”. That statement was extremely personal for me and gave me the answer to questions that I’ve had for a couple of years. So for me that was the main take away and I am extremely excited about the future!!”

“Your mental attitude changes everything.  By being on your game it affects those around you, your prospects and your level of success. Take time to daily for gratitude. Practice is the key to mastering anything.”

“I have a number of take-always for immediate use in the field. Suggestion to get mirrors was valuable – appearance is everything! You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

“After the workshop I felt extremely positive and motivated. I have taken other classes in the past where focused breathing techniques were taught and I have used them ever since. It was nice to revisit them and I think they can be a big benefit to anyone who has not used them before. Also, I liked Randy’s ideas on communication… rephrasing statements to make sure the recipient is receiving the message you are conveying.”

I used the techniques immediately when I left the workshop. Using this positive mindset while prospecting/cold-calling is very effective.  Framing problems and issues as ‘challenges,’ is positive and empowers you view it as a challenge and find solutions.”


david_runnerDavid TaylorAccomplished B2B Sales Consultant

“I attended your training on Monday in Tampa. I’m training for a marathon, so during the visualization exercises I focused on being more relaxed during when I run. Since your training I have run twice, and I have to tell you that I have never been more relaxed when I run. It’s truly amazing how much better I feel. Thank you so much for the help. I truly appreciate it.” 


Other comments

“Really enjoyed attending and it was time very well spent.”

“I very much appreciate the fact that I am now part of an organization that takes a vested interest into the growth of each individual employee and invests time and money and other resources to see to that development.  I am hungry for more.”

“I just started last week and it made a great impression on me, seeing this company investing in our success by doing something like this.  I found it very applicable and will be sure to take what I learned into my job/life.”

“I thought it was a great class and worth the time for all to attend.”

“I found the workshop to be very enlightening.  Randy did a great job in keeping the day upbeat and energetic, there was not one part where I felt it was getting drawn out or boring. I admit boredom, impatience, frustration, worry, blame, anger, hate, jealousy, guilt and fear have snuck in here and there but I feel I have learned some successful tools to overcome these negative feels.”

“Glad that I had the opportunity to experience this workshop.”