My favorite ice cream is… and I’m going to Win the Masters!

Dream about it, talk about it, write it down… Repeat!

Last sunday most avid golfers were sitting in their favorite lazy chair, watching the Masters. Although other contenders have had a nice lead going into Sunday’s final round, many have not finished wearing the Green Jacket. The mental game in golf is 90% and another 10% on top of that! One thing that was very obvious about Jordan Spieth’s game last Sunday was that he was “calm, cool and collected.” At 21, he seems mature beyond his years.

Jordan has the Athletic Mindset

He trains hard, he eats rights, and he gives back. In one interview, Jordan says, “I want to be remembered more for what I do off the golf course, than what I do on the golf course.” Yes, mature beyond his years. All of us can learn from this amazing young man.

“This is a momentous moment in our game, in the history of our game,” Nick Faldo proclaimed while Spieth was still playing on the 14th fairway. “This is a new man who could carry our game for decades.”

Go for the Green Jacket!

The Dallas Morning News shared Jordan’s letter he wrote in 2009 to a family that helped pay for his education.
“He casually tells the family he’s the No. 1 junior golfer in the country in the same way one might mention their favorite ice cream flavor. Spieth was already dreaming about winning the Masters, but
we already knew that.”

golf_jordonS letter

Jordan Spieth’s thank you letter (via Barry Horn)

Hungry for redemption

After Masters eluded him a year ago, Jordan Spieth came back ‘hungry’ to claim victory. “It’s just an honor to join those names that have been on the trophy,” he said afterward. “I was already hungry from last year and having it slip away,” he said, referring to his tie for second. “You’re reminded of it all the time. With the Masters champion, it’s a different legacy. It made me hungry.”

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