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This website is owned by independent eXfuze distributor, The Athletic Mindset. Randy Friedman is one of the few Transformation Coaches utilized by eXfuze as an expert in the industry. Orders placed are processed and shipped directly from the eXfuze warehouse. All products are guaranteed. Return instructions are provided on your receipt. For questions, contact eXfuze below:

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The Professional Retail Program (PRP) is designed to help Professionals who may be interested in marketing eXfuze products and integrating them into their business. This Program is designed primarily for professionals who are in related fields and could benefit by making eXfuze products available to their customers or clients. Businesses that are solicited cannot be chains or franchises and must be independently owned with 4 locations or fewer to be eligible. .

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Save 25% off retail. Become a Challenge Customer when your products are on a monthly autoship. No contracts. Cancel if you don’t love these amazing products. 

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Are you in the health and wellness industry or a direct sales professional? We’ve partnered with eXfuze because we see the fit for our clients as well as the additional income benefit. Maybe eXfuze can work for you. The Annual Membership Fee is $59.97 which provides you with the ability to participate in multiple compensation opportunities. Click below for more information.

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