Seven+ Focus


Boosts brain blood flow and activity!

  • Get on-target focus for Golf, Tennis, Fitness
  • Improve overall memory and brain function
  • Reduces inflammation thereby increasing energy 
  • Feel energized and more alert throughout your day

Sharpens mental Focus!

Adding Seven Premium Focus to their daily diet, has made a difference for our clients ability to focus on daily tasks, computer work, meetings, athletics and home life. This cutting edge nutritional supplement is specifically formulated to enhance the brain’s cognitive abilities in the areas of memory, mental clarity and focus.*

What are the nutritional benefits?

Seven Premium Focus may improve memory, increase energy levels naturally, increase brain blood flow, increase awareness and alertness and protect the brain from oxidation. Each ingredient has a specific purpose that results in better overall health, naturally. Click each extract to learn more about them.

Seven Premium Focus contains all of the nutritional benefits as the original Seven Classic product 1. Acai extract2. Gac extract3. Goji extract4. Noni extract5. Fucoidan extract
6. Mangosteen extract7. Sea-buckthorn extract.

PLUS these (3) powerful ingredients which promote brain health. CLICK each link for unbiased, internet searched, information.

Yamabushitake extract – believed beneficial to improve memory, cognitive issues, and in  treatment for Alzheimer’s dementia 
Dokudami extract – helps support the immune system, reduces inflammation, fights allergies and asthma conditions
Periwinkle extract – has a positive effect on the amount of blood flow to the brain as well as improving overall brain function

Why do you need Seven Premium Focus?

With the onslaught of unhealthy food choices, added responsibilities, distractions and conflicting information, it can be overwhelming to keep it all together and get through each day. Fortunately, there is something you can do!

Seven Premium Focus may help you to stay alert and focused and improve your brain function.* Ingredients that are rich in antioxidants may protect the body from cellular oxidation.* Phytonutrients work at the cellular level to provide raw materials to the body that can help maintain health.* Seven Premium Focus may be just what you need to help you stay alert and focused so that, at the end of the day, there’s more time for YOU!*


By drinking one 3/4 ounce shot of Seven+TM Premium Focus every day, you can stay focused on the things that matter to you!

3.5 oz Sample/Travel Size


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