Zilla2.0 Energy


Benefits of Green Zilla

  • Increase endurance and fitness levels
  • Train harder and longer with enhanced hydration
  • Better workouts with increased energy
  • Suppress appetite and decrease body fat 

What is Green Zilla?

Green Zilla has become our clients answer to aid in water and energy optimization. With cutting-edge ingredients, Green Zilla encourages going “green”, and answers the market’s need for a powerful natural energy product. It is also extremely nourishing to your body replacing nutrients lost during sports and intense workouts!*

Sweetened with Stevia, this Proprietary Phyto-Energy blend is made up of some powerful ingredients, including:

Blue Green Algae – over 65 vitamins, minerals,  and enzymes, 8 essential amino acids, 10 nonessential amino acids

Green Tea extract  potential improvement on heart health and regulates the body temperature

Aloe – over 14 health benefits including removes toxins, improves immune system, lowers cholesterol

Ginseng extract – used to promote physical stamina and athletic endurance

These powerful ingredients combined together have been known to increase athletic performance and aid in supporting muscle recovery.*

Why Do You Need Green Zilla?

Hydration is the most important element of wholesome nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

  • The human body is made up of more than 70% water
  • Our blood is more than 80% water
  • Our brain is more than 75% water
  • Our liver is made up of 96% water. 

Without water, our bodies cannot perform even the most basic of functions, from breathing to removing waste. Hydration is a key component of maintaining adequate levels of energy, hormone regulation, joint lubrication, body heat regulation and many other functions. What’s more, our bodies lose approximately 12 cups of water per day due to regular bodily processes. Zilla2.OTM was formulated with hydration in mind, and should be taken with water in accordance with the directions.

Good health doesn’t just happen. It takes a concerted lifetime effort to achieve and maintain good health. The sooner you start to make your health a priority, the sooner you’ll see and feel the benefits. Take the next step; order your Zilla2.OTM today!


As a dietary supplement, one squeeze (about ½ teaspoon) into 16-24 ounces of water (or more), 4 times per day may help you to boost your energy and performance. The inclusion of water with Zilla2.0TM may help increase your level of hydration, which may improve your brain and organ functions as well.*

Tip: One squeeze into 16-24 ounces of hot water makes a delicious tea.

Don’t take our word for it…just listen to Justin Gatlin and other elite World Class Athletes!

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