The “Piece of Mind” Radio Show

Interview by Host, Brenda Harper

“The Athletic Mindset:Three Tools For Success: By Randy Friedman & Linda Webb, is a book about succeeding in the game of life. They do a wonderful job presenting the  mental techniques that have been time tested by professional athletes, and brilliant, innovative individuals that lead to fewer falls and more successes.  These three simple tools work both on and off the athletic field. They strengthen your most important muscle, the brain.  This book does a wonderful job of explaining in easy to understand language the connections and interactions between our intellectual thought process and how our thoughts impact both our emotional and physical being.  These tools can increase your level of success in relationships, work and play.”

In this interview we discuss with Ms. Webb how to applyThe Athletic Mindset tools when you are:

  • Looking for a job, 
  • Working  with kids as a parent, teacher or coach,
  • Dealing with everyday challenges of life