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The Athletic Mindset Training Workshops, coach your leaders, managers and employees to become the all-star players your company deserves.
athletic mindset training

Athletic Mindset Training

It’s time to “make a splash” in your organization, and putting your new hires in the right swim lanes is the place to start!

Get employees to feel like THEY are on the winning team, feeling the joy of celebrating that success with everyone in the company that not only want to succeed, they DO succeed!

The Athletic Mindset Training Workshops help businesses enhance corporate values and enrich their new hire training, while motivating seasoned employees to raise the bar in everything they do! We love to help organizations and individuals achieve great success by raising the bar just a little higher. Our goal is to help you bring your team together under a common purpose with passion and corporate integrity.

Four (4) key benefits to The Athletic Mindset Training Workshops

  1. Increases a positive corporate culture that reinforces the importance of mentorship.
  2. Provides focused leadership training on improving employee performance, productivity, and goal attainment.
  3. Reinforces employee appreciation and reduces turnover.
  4. Incorporates the desire for each employee to succeed, as well as reinforces teamwork and the need to help others in the work environment. 


Sports Integrity Program

Our Sports Integrity Program is a comprehensive model fuzing the principles of The Athletic Mindset with player accountability. Player integrity goes way beyond the sports arena, and into the community. We include the following options inclusive or separate, to uniquely build components needed for your players, managers and teams. This program is for all ages, amateur and professional. Whether you are a college/university team or professional team, our sports integrity program works with each player to develop their peak potential .

  1. Initial and ongoing, annual in-service training
  2. Player Risk Assessment
  3. Sport Integrity Development Plan
  4. Player Incident Response initiative, incorporating investigations (with rapid response), for outside conflict or high-end media exposure
  5. On-going player accountability
  6. Annual reporting, and sports integrity policy enhancement
  7. Player remediation and documentation
  8. Public image enhancement
  9. Community service programs
  10. Conflict Management and Solution Resolution


Motivational Training Workshops

Our three motivational Athletic Mindset Training Workshops are designed to coach, motivate and inspire your Leaders, Managers, Employees and Students to become the all-star players that will take your organization to the next level. All workshops are interactive and filled with life lessons that go beyond the ordinary training.

Level I – The Athletic Mindset Takes the Field

Level I – The Athletic Mindset Takes the Field

This one-day workshop is filled with eye-opening Athletic Mindset Coach’s Exercises and Tips that will leave everyone engaged and excited to start using what they learned. Group participation brings the athletic mindset to the heart of the class. Everyone will be left with a GLO™-ing impression!

Students will be learning to apply The Athletic Mindset principles into a daily routine to “want the ball” and take the field every day no matter what occurred the day or week before. Learn to think like the Baseball Batter that strikes out more times than he gets on base, yet knows how to brush himself off and get back up to bat again and again!

Who is this for: All students, employees and managers that have read The Athletic Mindset Book and are ready to apply the mindset to every day.

Requirement: Must read the Athletic Mindset Book prior to training

A recap from The Athletic Mindset Book to get a solid understanding of the three tools will be given:

  • Beliefs chart – understand how to communicate better inside and out
  • Awareness ladder – thoughts create emotions that effect us positively and negatively
  • Gratitude – use it every chance you can, share it with other

During The Level I – The Athletic Mindset Takes the Field students will:

  • Learn the basics of The Athletic Mindset and the value it brings to every day

– The Athletic Mindset way of thinking is becoming the heart and soul of corporations worldwide. You’ll find out why and how to apply it no matter where you are or whom you are with.

  • Learn how to use the power of Gratitude

– Great athletes always give thanks back to others when interviewed after their big win.  Gratitude surrounds you and empowers you. Learn how and why it’s so important to give it back.

  • Understand the importance of mentorship using the SAM™ model

– New hires need good mentors to survive and to thrive in a new environment. Learn what good mentors bring to the organization, how to choose a good mentor and most importantly learn to become a good mentor to others.

Level II – The Athletic Mindset Steps into the Big Leagues

Level II – The Athletic Mindset Steps into the Big Leagues

This one-day workshop is an exciting educational experience that puts everyone into forward momentum. When you want the benefits of getting everyone on the same team, moving in the same direction, Level II The Athletic Mindset Steps into the Big Leagues, jump starts your organization to want to play and stay.

At this level “players” will want to move the ball down the field as a team. The ROI for your company is that everyone wants to step into the big leagues, achieving maximum productivity, goal attainment, while appreciating and celebrating success. Everyone in your company will want to carry the ball into the big leagues

(Level I must be completed before taking Level II)

In Level II students will be using tested Athletic Mindset exercises to “get the ball” with Big League ideology.

Who is this for: For all students, employees and managers

Requirement – Must have completed Level I – The Athletic Mindset Takes the Field

Suggested reading The Athletic Mindset two times prior to Level II Training

Recap Level I Training

During The Level II – The Athletic Mindset Steps into the Big Leagues, students will:

  • Learn direct ways to communicate better with others using the ‘B’ Chart 

– The Athletic Mindset ‘B’ Chart Tool is the key to understanding what THEY want by knowing what YOU know. Learn how to apply Beliefs covered in the ‘B’ Chart and watch your communication improve with everyone.

  • Learn how to flip a “No” to the Gratitude power of “Yes”

– Flipping a No into a Yes is as simple as the flip of the Gratitude Coin.  Learning to surround yourself with Gratitude is the force you will be tapping into here. It’s power is a great force and you’ll find out how to use it.

  • Learn why Contract law is an agreement you make to yourself

– From new hires to seasoned employees, everyone can benefit from affirmations put into a contract. The Athletic Mindset Contract is a pact between each person and what they want to happen next. Create your life on purpose using this technique.


Level III – The Athletic Mindset Train the Trainer Program – Managing and leading for Success

The Athletic Mindset Train the Trainer workshop is a two-day interactive workshop for Managers, Directors, Coaches and Educators who want to create positive organizational change.

This workshop will help your leadership team communicate more effectively, motivate your All-Star Players, while incorporating a healthier environment. Your ROI from the workshop will have a direct impact on your corporate outcome as every employee, manager, and leader will all be focused on achieving the corporate Olympic Gold.

Imagine if every employee in your company could stand on the Olympic podium? What a proud moment for any CEO than to achieve amazing results, while having all employees achieve their own personal All Star Performance. When your company is ready to go for the Olympic Gold then you’re ready for the Athletic Mindset Training Workshop.

Who is this for: Managers, Directors, Coaches and Educators who get The Athletic Mindset philosophy and want to incorporate the Athletic Mindset into their teachings.

Requirement – Must read the Athletic Mindset Book prior to training

It is a plus to have taken Level I and Level II training, but not required.

A recap from The Athletic Mindset Book to get a solid understanding of the three tools will be given:

  • Beliefs chart – undserstand how to communcate better inside and out
  • Awareness ladder – thoughts create emotions that effect us positively and negatively
  • Gratitude – use it every chance you can, share it with other

The 2 Day Training encompasses the entire exclusive Workshop Workbook and Tools

This training is effective so the Teacher, Coach or Manager can use these lessons for their students, athletes and employees to become:

  • Better students – study, tests, home communication
  • Better athletes – team players, communicators
  • Better employees – hire effectively, train company culture, incentives for key drivers

During The Level III – The Athletic Mindset Train the Trainer students will:

  • Learn how to communicate more effectively using the ‘B’ Chart 

– Maslow’s four levels of learning has been effectively broken down and simplified to be applied in this class. Learn how to not only apply the ‘B’ Chart for yourself, but teach others how to use it for improved communication with everyone.

  • Learn to teach others the Law of Attraction for positive outcomes

– “Like attracts like” is the essence of the Law of Attraction. Becoming aware of that thought law is the first step, bringing it to others is what you’ll leave this training with.

  • Learn to build great mentors and leaders

– It starts at the top. The Athletic Mindset Train the Trainer program will leave Managers better at managing, Coaches better at coaching and Teachers better at teaching. 



The Chart below are costs based on replacing an $80,000 employee salary

ROI example









Other factors that are not included above that hurt the corporate dynamic when  employees leave the company:

  • Loss of other co-worker’s productivity and more employee dissatisfaction spreading like a corporate virus.
  • Internal fraud, safety issues, increased worker’s compensation claims, and internal waste and abuse.
  • Failure to not specifically address other possible management dysfunction so other co-workers are affected also.
  • Customer services issues may arise, therefore losing potential business and outside customers.
  • Business may become tainted in its specific industry.
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Bringing in an Athletic Mindset Training Workshop, shows employees you care about their success. We leave them more inspired to embrace your corporate culture wanting to become an all-star player in the company. These training workshops are a powerful addition to your organization. When you are ready for the ball, we are ready to toss it your way.





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