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Opportunity to be featured in a new book rapidly gaining attention while authors are conducting seminars and conferences with their successful thinking. The Athletic Mindset is a life-altering skills management guide book to help readers of all ages and professions think like athletes to reach their goals and achieve ultimate success. Your success stories will inspire the readers to reach their highest potential. We were quite overwhelmed by the response and very happy about that–as it’s clear that there is a great need for this amazing book.  While we’d like to have everyone that has submitted In The Athletic Mindset, we welcome you to share your stories here as well. While we are going through all the submittals.  We will contact you for more information should your story be selected for print. Please be sure and like us, follow us and share us with others!

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  1. My Title: Energy Chi Master; Book Author, Teacher and Educator

    By Introduction I am a Chi Instructor using experiential education. I teach Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki Energy Flow Healing, Meditation and Dance Energy Movement classes.

    I simply look for results more than art or science by helping peoples strength, mental and body healing. One example was one athlete who wanted to scaled the highest cliffs in north America so I offered him a new structural language of mind/body movement/breath/vision so he can successfully scale the Yosemite Park cliffs. Not only was he confident to take on this first time climb at this location, he did it without strain and with comforted ease through the entire days climb. I also work currently for 2 professional clinics with psychologist and physical therapist which I specialized in integration on all kenesthetic and energy medicine. If you like to know more about clients stories for pain and emotional healing testimonials; go to

    Recently released, my book further expands with “Chi” work with movement exercise at where you can find a media kit and contact information outlining my interaction from previous media, radio or TV.

    Thanks you for your readership as I look forward

    John A. Salat: Book Author/Chi Instructor

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