Health is the real wealth

health is your wealth gandhi quote

"It is health that is the real wealth, and not the pieces of gold and silver." - Mahatma Gandhi

The top (2) resolutions people make each year are:

1)    Get healthier

2)    Get wealthier

Get healthier - That could mean to start working out, to eat more organic, adding phytonutrition to your diet, or give up those foods and drinks we know are not good for us. What are you going to do TODAY, to change your health habits into "healthier" habits for LIFE? Make this your year to be the healthiest you've ever been!

Get wealthier - For most of us this merely means to have more money in our possession. "Having" always starts with "wanting," and you can't want or have without affirming it first, (we are always affirming.) Your affirmations may sound like:

·      "I am increasing my health and my wealth every day." Or

·      "I feel good knowing that more money is in my bank account starting today." Or

·      "I love getting into the best physical shape starting now."

Create your own affirmations, read them every day, Focus on what you want and that it's coming to you. Make them work for you with every ounce of belief you have. You can do this, because the truth is, no one else can do it for you! There is an abundance of Health and Wealth for all of us just waiting to be had... all we have to do is reach out, believe, and take ownership of our own thoughts and desires!

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