Athletic Mindset Press Releases

Why do we yell at the TV during Sunday football, telling the quarterback, “Look out! You’re about to get sacked!” or cheer “Go! Go! Go!” as the running back runs for the goal line?

Motivational co-authors, Randy Friedman and Linda Webb, are pleased to announce the release of their new book, “The Athletic Mindset: Three Tools For Success,” published and distributed by Six Points Publishing, LLC.

If you were to tell me 40 years ago that I would write a book called The Athletic Mindset, I would have said you’re way out of bounds as I was far from an athlete. What I have learned over the years working within the corporate ranks is that athletic ability is not what makes the athletic… Read more »

In addition to Val McLeod, eXfuze will have author, corporate trainer, and health and wellness enthusiast Randy Friedman speak about The Athletic Mindset. “As an athlete for most of my life, I’ve had to adapt and overcome challenges to become a ‘winner’ on and off the field,” said Randy Friedman. That ‘winning mindset’ is The Athletic