Rory Mcilroy learned 3 lessons from Jordan’s quote, ‘Limits, like fear, is often an illusion’

There are (3) key words in the quote “Limits, like fear, is often an illusion”

    1. LIMITS – Definition: a point beyond which it is not possible to go  - We can SET and choose to RE-SET these on ourselves, at will.
      1. FEAR – Definition: a feeling of being afraid - Since this is a FEELING, when it comes to raising your own bar, it means you can choose not to feel it too. Sometimes you have to feel the fear, and do it anyway.
        1. ILLUSION – Definition: something that looks or seems different from what it is : something that is false or not real but that seems to be true or real. - Staying in a fear state of mind allows your mind to create illusions that keep you down or frustrated from doing more in life.

When one or all of those thoughts are present, you may settle for less. quote 2 zero limits kitty

It’s true, most of us would rather take the easy way out or the road most traveled. Michael Jordan’s quote seems so basic and so inconsequential that most wouldn’t read it twice. But if you look at those three powerful words, and the definition we’ve added, you can see the simple evidence of what made Jordan one of the greatest athletes and Salesman (Nike, Air Jordan) of all time. He believed there are no limits to ones success.

There’s another great athlete emerging. His game is Golf, and his name is Rory Mcilroy

McIlroy joined Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus as the only golfers to win four majors by age 25. More than the actual win, it’s how he wins, with incredible length and mental toughness. It’s as if he plays with not an ounce of trepidation or fear of anything. It could be all in his pre-shot routine that started a long time ago. How does Rory McIlroy, who most recently won the 2014 PGA Championship, play as cool, calm, and collected as he does? Three reasons:
        1. Zero Limitation – He wasn’t born with it, but he did give birth to thinking like a champion, believing he’s a champion.
        2. No Fear – It didn’t happen over night, but he told the world his goal when he was 9 years old.
        3. Speak Truth – ‘Yes, I will work hard, play with integrity and be the champion that lives inside me.’ – Is the message you see in Rory.
Put on your best Irish brogue ears – Listen and Watch this Video of 9-year-old Rory Mcilroy 

What WOULD YOU do different?

Watch the greatest athletes in the world, and you’ll see one very important emotion, missing… FEAR. It’s impossible to throw a no-hitter, hit a grand slam home run, or steal 2nd base if the athlete feels fear. (And that’s just baseball.) Think of your favorite sport, and think of an athlete that excelled in that sport. Do you remember seeing fear in their face, in the lease bit? The answer is simply, “no.” And that’s what Jordan’s quote is really saying.
        • What if, the limits we put on ourselves, are illusions we create?
        • What if, Fear too, is an illusion we create in our mind?
        • And what if, You had the power right now, to change it all?

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