Sacrificing glory, Athletic Mindset football star gifts touchdown

In today’s fast pace world, every once in a while we see random acts of kindness that make us stop, reflect, and even make a tear roll down our cheeks. Some people share this kindness with others In The Athletic Mindset – Three tools for success, “Gratitude” as the third tool and is truly one of the key tools for any success. You cannot always take from others without giving back. Call it the Ying and Yang, or the balance of nature. This universal law of balance rewards those who give back.  On the other hand, those who hurt people, bully, or continuously take from others often find that positive rewards are few and far between. One high school football star could have taken the ball into the end zone capturing all the glory for himself, but instead ran out of bound at the one yard line, saving the glory for his team mate who had just lost his father. This young teammate grieving over the loss of a loved one and the football star came together, as well as all of his teammates to achieve great joy, humbleness, and gratitue. This moving story was shown on National TV, and went viral thru social media so others could witness this great story and experience compassion. With today’s ability to share great stories through social media, we can see amazing acts of kindness even from strangers all over the world. How lucky are we to be able to share such wonderful stories, and perhaps tip the scales of humanity for the greater good. This football star exemplified The Athletic Mindset through his gracious and humble act, which in turn was truly… the winning touchdown! Read the article and watch the VIDEO that allowed Logan to score his first touchdown.


  1. Not all people are showing kindness to other people. Logan is a hero because he played in such a time too.

    I agree with this sentence of the whole article much,
    “You cannot always take from others without giving back.”

    Many people don’t teach others, but to learn from others, Many people don’t work hard for the team, but to get benefits from the team. So Logan is a great guy.

    Tony Anderson.

    • Tony
      Thanks for your comment! Keep us posted on your work in the UK. We are on the same path to help others get a better mindset!!

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