Showing up for Game Day to win the BCS National Championship

Alabama team

Courtesy of Birmingham News

Last night was the BCS National Championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. It was clear which team showed up with the Athletic Mindset to win the game. After the game Coach Nick Saban told reporters several key elements that we talk about in The Athletic Mindset, with our 3 tools for success. Here are the following key points.
1. Team effort. Everyone must flow off of the same sheet of music with a BELIEF in what they were all doing with one combined energy to reach one goal. 2. 100% commitment. Each team member had to be fully committed 100%, with passion, purpose, and integrity. 3.  Ready, break. Each team player need the AWARENESS to be both physically and mentally ready.   4.  All in. More than just the players, it takes the coaches, teachers, the University, the families, and the community. Everyone plays a role in the winning game. 5. Thankful heart. Lastly each player and coach showed a heart of Gratitude towards everyone who helped along the way. Thank you goes a long way for endless support.   In our book The Athletic Mindset we reference a poem written by Heartsill Willson that Coach Bear Bryant, the former Alabama coach kept in his wallet. He followed this mantra everyday of his life, referencing a critical line in the poem it reads… What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it”.   Clearly last night at the BCS championship is was clear that the Alabama Crimson Tide showed up to make it their very best day. Make it your best day using these tools from The Athletic Mindset.  

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