If someone were to throw you the ball… what would you do?

Would you CATCH IT? The athletic mindset Coaches have just thrown YOU the ball. Now what you do… is completely up to you.

Here’s the Game Plan:

Write down THREE (3) goals or desires you want to see happen for 2011.

  1. The 1st is to do for YOURSELF (ie: a physical change like… a new hair style, lose 10 pounds, run a marathon, drink more water)
  2. The 2nd is to do for SOMEONE else (ie: help someone in need… community service, church or temple, charity event)
  3. The 3rd is to have happen to YOU (ie: Think of what it is YOU want? Maybe to get a promotion or that job you’ve always wanted, get into the college you’ve applied to or get a hole-in-one )
  4. Click Here for the GOALS template for your use.

Then, sometime between right now and the beginning of 2011, GIVE AWAY some money to perfect strangers. Please just give within your means, using the power of 10, times your 3 goals. Ie: 3 x 1.00 ($3) or 3 x 10.00 ($30) or 3 x 100.00 ($300).

On each dollar bill attach a note for them to “CATCH IT” and pass it on with an athletic mindset. Click the Catch it info card to the left and print them out. We’ve created a business card sheet of catch it cards to let others know how to get on board for an amazing 2011.

Get your friends and family to join you in the amazing event that is going global! Just imagine it… Walking around your local mall, handing out $1.00 to 30 different people with a note attached to keep it going and going and going! What a difference WE are all going to make!

LEAVE YOUR STORY & PHOTO in the comment space below: Take a photo of you and your Catch it group of  GIVERS and post it right here! Tell us where in the world you live and tell others your Catch it story!

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful event
Your Athletic Mindset Coaches,

Linda and Randy

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –