Successful CEO Uses The Athletic Mindset Tools

Motivational co-authors, Randy Friedman and Linda Webb, are pleased to announce the release of their new book, “The Athletic Mindset: Three Tools For Success,” published and distributed by Six Points Publishing, LLC. Endorsed by Patriot National Insurance Group’s founder and CEO, Steve Mariano, “The Athletic Mindset: Three Tools for Success”, is a crucial tool for corporations to motivate and teach staff about how to think like an athlete, with a positive outlook, to attain great success. The motivational hardback centers on the thought process needed to be successful in business, school, sports, and life. Friedman and Webb have put a spin on the motivational book to incorporate century’s old mental strategies used by top athletes into the process of thinking positive to achieve one’s goals. This book can be used to teach managers and executives how to be more effective communicators and leaders while empowering employees to reach high for their dreams. With the 2012 Summer Olympics right around the corner, “The Athletic Mindset” is sure to ignite a flame in us all that says, “Go for the gold.” Read the press release here

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