The Last Play Theory

The Last Play

Athletes practice their sport before they get to the Olympics over and over again, with a passion like it were their last play… like they were going for that Gold medal.  On The Athletic Mindset website, we link inspirational videos like “Last Play with Coach Ed” to help inspire you to new heights. In the book, The Athletic Mindset, we teach you to be the best in everything you do in life. It’s about identifying what it is you want and then going after it. It’s also about utilizing every available resource you have, like coaches, role models, and especially your own personal commitment. It’s about the passion to recognize what you want, the purpose to help you go after it, and the integrity along the way to help you accomplish it.
  • What if you COULD accomplish everything you ever dreamed about?
  • What if you applied ALL your passion, purpose and integrity in everything you did?
  • What if the goal you were trying to accomplish was like the video Last Play.
What would you do, if you knew it was your last play?

The Athletic Mindset Lesson

In The Athletic Mindset, page 121, Hall of Fame Alabama Coach, Bear Bryant, believed that every day of your life should be worth living for, and that every day of your life is just as important as the previous day. What if you woke up every morning saying that “today will be a momentous day in my life? I know what I want, and I am going after it. Nothing is going to stop me!” Part of The Athletic Mindset, teaches you to focus specifically on what it is you want, then to go after it. Make that something as though it were your LAST PLAY. Make every day count for what it is you want. Stay focused on your goals, and don’t let others distract you from accomplishing your desires. If you make every day of your life count like the LAST PLAY, think of all the amazing accomplishments you will achieve.
Carpe diem! … Seize the day, and make every day count.

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