The Seabiscuit Theory – Gratitude, Love & Opportunity Breeds Corporate Success

Take stride like Seabiscuit!

seabuscuit theory - an athletic mindset

Seabiscuit: An American Legend

By midday on November first, a record 40,000 spectators squeezed themselves into Pimlico’s tiny racetrack, pouring over into the infield. At 4 pm, War Admiral and Seabiscuit stepped out onto the track. They stepped up to the line together, and at the sound of the bell, ‘Biscuit took off like a bolt of lightning. He opened up to a two length lead until the half mile pole, when the Admiral was in full stride at his shoulder. But Seabiscuit wouldn’t let him pass, he refused to give up his lead. He even cocked his ear towards his rival, but then, War Admiral pushed his head in front. The colt, however, was struggling, and Woolf knew the race was theirs. He pushed his little bay for just a little more, and ‘Biscuit sailed to a four length lead over the younger near black horse, finishing in near world record time. This year, Seabiscuit claimed Horse of the Year honors.”   The Early Years Seabiscuit’s initial owner held the little horse back so other horses could win, literally breaking the horse’s spirit. It wasn’t until later in this horses life did great mentors, come along and finally Seabiscuit soared to fame. What truly made Seabiscuit successful was his new owner, trainer, and jockey who all gave the horse Love, appreciation and Gratitude. The Opportunities Seabiscuit now had, allowed him to achieve new heights even breaking track records. Your early years may not have been filled with a perfect family, great mentors, or even a great place to live. Realize its within your potential to make changes and soar to new heights. Gratitude and love are powerful key emotions to live with, and are key tools for success that can help anyone overcome adversity and even leave a lasting legacy for others like Seabiscuit did. We teach in our book to seek out great mentors, and do not let others abuse you. Everyone has the potential to be amazingly successful in whatever it is they choose to do.   The Seabiscuit Theory Corporate executives can forget to give praise and show appreciation to employees. The companies that do give back to their employees emotionally, financially and even spiritually, we call that, “The Seabiscuit Theory.” Continued achievements soon become simple expectations. Like any garden, you have to add water and food for the plants to continue to grow. One of the biggest mistakes that a corporation can make is forgetting to feed, reward, and praise employees who continually help others succeed.   Remember your Seabiscuits The most successful corporations, who also get voted every year as the best places to work, are those corporations who show the most appreciation to their employees from the top down. They have little turnover and place great value on the accomplishments each employee contributes. With the economy rebounding, “employee appreciation” must be top priority in any corporate business model. If you are a mentor, parent, teacher, or corporate executive remember to give praise and gratitude, which open the floodgates of opportunity. Seek others who show gratitude and appreciation, and look to reach the finish line of success. Like Seabiscuit, never let someone else break your spirit, passion or your heart. From Seabiscuit, the movie:
  • George Woolf: Wanta know what I think?
  • Charles Howard: Of course.
  • George Woolf: I think it’s better to break a man’s leg than his heart.
In The Athletic Mindset the 3 tools for success help you see potential in whatever you choose to do in life. Be like that amazing horse named Seabiscuit. Believing in what you want is one of the tools for success in the Athletic Mindset. We Believe in you! We would love to hear your Seabiscuit story. Leave your comments below. ~ Linda Webb (aka The Fraud Dog), Co-Author of The Athletic Mindset

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