Thumbs up for the Thanksgiving SPIN Class

Who’s got the athletic mindset on Thanksgiving?

It’s not always easy to get yourself to the gym, especially on a holiday morning! Because if it were easy, heck everyone would do it. But in the same breath, it’s really not that hard to take the first step. It takes a willingness to take a step back and really see yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself, “Am I as healthy as I want to be?” You ARE in control of what you eat and how you treat your body. It took an effort for everyone in that class to decide to get up, put on their gym clothes and get to Spin class. Here’s the beauty of a great Spin class. With a great instructor, great music and a motivated class, you can’t help but push yourself. And I mean push yourself beyond what you would do on your own. The funny thing is, when Pam started the class she said, “Now no one minds if we go an additional 15 minutes today being that we’ll all be stuffing ourselves with Turkey dinner in a few hours, right!” Everyone agreed, “YES yes, let’s do it!” Today is no different than any other day (when you have the athletic mindset) as every one in that class has. Part of having the athletic mindset, as we talk about in our book (due out January 2012) is having a healthy body. After all, we only have one body so that means taking care of it every day. But that takes a conscious effort. Take control of your body today. It’s up to you to start thinking like an athlete, and feeling like you are unstoppable. Here’s our health challenge to you, so you can start living a healthier life today!
  1. Make a decision to have self control and to take care of your body
  2. Be a good coach for yourself
  3. Be a good mentor for others
Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Share your thoughts with us, we’d love t0 hear your story!


  1. Tonight I found myself in front of my computer ready to research the mindset of an athlete. My first search was of course… googling “what is the mindset of an athlete” and I came across this little gem. I have always admired my friends of an athletic nature and I always wondered what it is that they have I do not. I am learning that what they have is not necessarily something out of my reach. Anyways, thank you for writing a great post. I look forward to following your blog.

    • Thanks for your kind words Jen and we are so glad you found our sight! Our book, The Athletic Mindset is at the printer as I write this, so please check back in the weeks to come.
      Our readers comments are always inspiring and are always welcome.
      – Randy

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