Tommy sleeps with his club, and so did Tiger!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one tells it all, on one hand!

3-year-old Tommy can only give a high five with his left hand, the only one he was born with. But don’t feel sorry for him, he is loving life. All you have to do is watch him swing a golf club… one handed! He just doesn’t know any different. The best is hearing his conversation with Tiger Woods about something very matter of fact to Tommy. There they are on the putting green, chatting away like they’ve known each for years, when Tommy blurts out, “I sleep with my golf clubs… I love that.” Tiger didn’t hesitate and said, “You know what… I did too when I was young. I used to sleep with my 7 iron.” And the conversation moved on.

Why athletes do this

Instant flash back for me. I used to sleep with my racquetball racquet when I started competing way back when. I’m not sure where I got the idea, I just knew it felt right. Later in life, it made sense. Keeping my racquet close to me made it an extension of me. The more I loved it, the better it worked. The minute I lost an appreciation (love) of the racquet or anything else I used to help me succeed, that’s the moment I became disconnected, and lost focus. Losing focus is not an option if you want to win. I brought that lesson forward in my training and coaching of The Athletic Mindset. Although it seemed like I was kidding when I would tell my students, “you’ve got to love your Driver for it to work,” I meant…  sometimes you need to sleep with your club so you can fall in love with it! In other words, you’ve got to treat all your tools with love and respect for them to work. The moment you “hate” a club, or a racquet, or a computer at work, thats the moment it stops working. You’ve got to become Aware. Become an athlete in your mind by thinking with an athletic mindset. When you really want something so bad – you FEEL it, you LIVE it, you BREATHE it, and most importantly… you LOVE it! Watch this video on 3-year old Tommy meeting Tiger Woods… if you Love it, pass it on.     Athletic mindset bubbleAbout The Athletic Mindset – Randy Friedman and Linda Webb help individuals and companies set and achieve personal and professional goals. Our four levels of Athletic Mindset Coaching are individually designed. We love helping Executives, Managers, Employees, Athletes and Students become better communicators from the inside/out, helping them get out of their own way.

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