Clarence Birdseye developed a quick-freeze machine and began producing quality frozen foods. But when shoppers didn’t buy it, Birdseye went broke. Do you think that stopped him? Nope! He stuck with his dream, eventually overcame consumer doubt and went on to set the industry standard.

Birdseye and its patents were sold to Postum Co. in 1929 for over $20 million. At the time of his death in October 1956, Birdseye had created almost 300 patents. In the years shortly before his death, Birdseye spoke to college graduates and told them, “I went around asking a lot of questions and taking chances.”


Fred Smith wrote a term paper based on an idea for reliable overnight delivery. His professor at Yale responded: “The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a ‘C’, the idea must be feasible.”

In 1971 FedEx opened its doors for business. Although it had lost nearly $13 million in its first two years, Smith never considered giving up. “I was very committed to the people that had signed on with me, and IF we were going down, we were going down with a fight. It wasn’t going to be because I checked out and didn’t finish,” he says.

FedEx is now estimated at over $700 million.

Clarence Birdseye and Fred Smith were told it couldn’t be done, but they had vision and the athletic mindset. They listened to their inner coach, changed the way the world does business, and became global leaders in their industry.

  • You can’t purchase it…
  • You’re not born with it…
  • And it’s not about being in shape!
  • But you can buy into it…
  • You do give birth to it…
  • And it will activate new muscles. 


The athletic mindset is not about being an athlete or even wanting to be an athlete. It is about applying principles great athletes use in order to “bend with the wind” to achieve great results.

  • It doesn’t matter what abilities you were born with, gender or body type…
  • Whether you have great coordination or fast-twitch muscles…
  • Whether you’ve played sports in the past, or want to ever play.

The outcome of your life depends on the income you invest on yourself.