Who will celebrate the Super bowl win?

winners of the superbowlIt’s nothing new that American’s are obsessed with the Superbowl. We love to cheer for our favorite team, plan lavish parties, and even plan our vacations around it.

Superbowl has become one of the annual all-American favorite past times. What we have learned as part of The Athletic Mindset teaching from this celebrated annual event is that, believe it or not… everyone is potentially a winner. The players, half time performers, stadium workers, and the millions of people who watch the game become part of the excitement that makes this event so extraordinary. Why do businesses spend millions of dollars on outrageous ads in hopes of winning over the consumer? Because some businesses, like GoDaddy know you have to spend it to make it… you have to take the shot before you can score. In this larger than life television event we love to participate in the festivities. For some people it also creates some memorable moments with their family. Superbowl is truly a winning event. The athletes in the event must believe they will win as a team, and they must play to win as a team. And the team that has the Athletic mindset of “last play” will surely take home that prestigious trophy.

Celebrate your Win

Do you celebrate those “winning moments”? You don’t have to actually participate in the super bowl to feel the exhilaration of the game. However, when you have a great winning moment, celebrate that win. So this year, celebrate your winning moments and have fun watching Superbowl.

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