X Factor contestants have The Athletic Mindset

Do you know what the X Factor is? Do you want to have it? The fact is, the contestants that hear a “YES” from the judges all have “it”. That “it” is something you too can aquire. Let the following guide; The ATHLETIC MINDSET, help you find your X-FACTOR! Belief - These entertainers Believe in themselves and show they are confident. The LOVE being on stage. Awareness – They are aware of their unique singing talent and can easily display it for others to see. Gratitude – They are talented, proud to show it off and full of appreciation to have gotten that far. They show tremendous gratitude and humbleness! The X FACTOR judges focus on “Key Factors” when selecting a contestant on the show. These same factors are in the The Athletic Mindset. Contestants that can clearly show passion, purpose and integrity are often the ones who get selected for the show. They have The Athletic Mindset! “The X FACTOR on TV is a great hit, because it highlights the best in people,” says Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog & Co-Author of The Athletic Mindset.

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