YES, You can choose this Good Morning Gratitude Power
What if you could Wake up ON TOP every day… What step would you choose?

Inspired by Gratitude Choose to begin your day with the power of Gratitude!

It’s true, life can throw us curve balls and knock us down to a place of negativity and feeling sorry for ourselves. When that happens, (to you or someone you know), you really can choose again, and boldly climb back up to the top of your ladder. Start with feeling grateful for the comfortable bed you just slept in. Then think of how grateful you get to start your day… like the home you live in, the roof over your head, the hot water and shampoo in your shower, clean clothes to wear, and food in your refrigerator. Sometimes it’s the most obvious things in our life that we take for granted. It’s okay, you can start TODAY! Stop and say, “Thank You!” Let’s do a great exercise to do right now: Start by thinking of the people, places and things in your life that you feel grateful for. Next, while picturing those people, places or things, inhale and say, “THANK” then exhale and say, “YOU.” Now you are on your way to power day of gratitude. Be sure to Pass it on. CLICK HERE to get your very own Awareness LADDER , then save it or print it to help you stay on top! It feels good to live every day striving to be on top, where Love, Gratitude and Joy live!  
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