Your Wealth, Your Health, Your Vision

Top (5) resolutions every year according to

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Quit Smoking
  3. Make more Money
  4. Eat Healthier
  5. Get out of Debt
Whatever your goal is, FOCUS on one thought, “I WILL ACHIEVE IT.” Whether you are a professional athlete, student, parent, employee, everyone wants one thing…  To Achieve it. 

So here are (5) “Achieve it” tools:

1. WRITE IT DOWN Very simply, write your goals down and paste them everywhere. Put in on your Ipad, Iphone, computer, bedroom, bathroom and refrigerator. Most of the time we don’t write down a goal because we don’t think we can achieve it. You must start somewhere, and in order to ACHIEVE IT… you need to see it everywhere.

2. FOCUS IN Awareness of your goal is the key to ACHIEVING IT. Focus IN on your goal daily. If your goal is to get healthier, than FOCUS IN and see yourself as a healthier YOU. Don’t let anyone take you off your path. Athletes focus on the finish line. Your finish line = Achieving It.

health is your wealth gandhi quote Your body and mind are your tools to achieving your goals. Boost yourself with healthy phytonutrients that give you energy and vitality. Instead of buying those energy drinks that are filled with sugar, choose a healthy alternative. Think of yourself as a prize fighter, and see that YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT.

4. DAILY AFFIRMATIONS Create your own affirmations that help to reach your goals. Read them every day to increase your Focus on what you want and what’s coming to you. What you affirm to yourself every day is what you are bringing in your life.  Affirmations help us believe we already Achieved It.

5. CELEBRATE THE VICTORIES Celebrate at the end of every day for those small victories. Saying “Thank You” to Yourself for ACHIEVING your daily goals, is that pat-on-the-back we all need to keep going.   TODAY, set goals that work for you and go after them with every ounce of belief you have. There is an abundance of Health and Wealth for all of us just waiting to be had… all we have to do is reach out, believe in our own abilities, and take ownership of our own thoughts, beliefs and desires! and see that YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT.

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